For more than 20 years I have studied New Orleans through the lens of my camera. During that time, I have learned to appreciate her nuances, forgive her faults, relish the beauty of her architecture, savor the uniqueness of her culinary and musical heritage. With each click of the camera I treasure this place a little more. These are my thoughts in words and pictures.

-Kathy Anderson

Popp Bandstand in City Park: New Orleans Historic Settings

Ashley Merlin and Scott Gold are engaged!New Orleans engagement photography sessions are wonderful because the city provides such an amazing backdrop. We watched the sunset in City Park as Popp Bandstand began to glow. The structure, built in 1916, is the perfect platform for a couple in love. John F. Popp was a frequent park visitor with a penchant for classical architecture and music. Previous music platforms in this location had been rebuilt several times, and Popp was determined to construct a bandstand for the park in harmony with other new buildings. In 1916, Popp made a donation to the park to build the Popp Bandstand (located between the Peristyle and Morning Call), which was designed by architect Emile Weil. Popp Bandstand was dedicated on July 4, 1917 during a rare wartime festival. Its twelve granite ionic columns are topped with a bronze dome. Named for its benefactor John F. Popp, who had made his fortune in the lumber business, it is a replica of Temple of Love in Versailles (the memorial to Ribet is embedded into it). Many New Orleanians enjoyed their first glimpses of moving pictures here on summer evenings. Generations of musicians have played here, including John Philip Sousa who performed in 1928. To view more photos from this shoot go to my wedding website at

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