For more than 20 years I have studied New Orleans through the lens of my camera. During that time, I have learned to appreciate her nuances, forgive her faults, relish the beauty of her architecture, savor the uniqueness of her culinary and musical heritage. With each click of the camera I treasure this place a little more. These are my thoughts in words and pictures.

-Kathy Anderson

Make Sure You Have Photos of You With Your Mom

Leah Chase with her daughter, Stella Reese.

Mystikal, mom. rapper, Michael TaylorWith Mother’s Day weekend upon us, I started thinking about the “extra” photos I have made of moms over the years. For example, in 2010, while on assignment for Ebony Magazine to photograph Leah Chase, I ended up chatting with her daughter Stella. Before I left the restaurant that day, I made sure to shoot a frame of Stella with her mom. Maybe it is because I have so few photos of me with my mother who has been long gone. Of course, I got busy and forgot to send the photo to Stella. It was not until Leah passed last year that I made a print of the photo and delivered it to Stella. While cleaning my office this week, I found a print of Mystikal (Michael Taylor) with his mom from the 1990s. The same thing happened. I was assigned to photograph Mystikal in his Baton Rouge subdivision when I ended up chatting with his mom. Before I left, I made sure I made a portrait of the two of them. Make sure you have photos of you with your mom. You will appreciate it when they are gone.

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