For more than 20 years I have studied New Orleans through the lens of my camera. During that time, I have learned to appreciate her nuances, forgive her faults, relish the beauty of her architecture, savor the uniqueness of her culinary and musical heritage. With each click of the camera I treasure this place a little more. These are my thoughts in words and pictures.

-Kathy Anderson

The Lady

When the amazingly talented illustrator (and friend) Michael Deas asked me to shoot reference photos for a painting years ago, I had no idea how iconic that artwork would become. The lady with the torch that you see at the beginning of every Columbia Pictures had a humble beginning in the living room of my apartment, which had been converted to a small photo studio. Michael had a vision for the piece and I was asked to create a soft light that would accentuate every fold in in material and flatter the model. My penchant for large soft box light modifiers was perfect for the assignment. Times-Picayune page designer Jenny Joseph (now a Houston muralist and mother of two) was the perfect model and the rest is history.
The painting is currently (until January 7, 2013) included in a retrospective of work by Michael Deas at The Ogden Museum of Southern Art in New Orleans.

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